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Golden Season Shelters

The B Series is very popular due to it's widely useable area. Although weighting 130kgs. It can easily deployed by 4 persons. The front entrance can be interconnected with Series 1AT model creating a
blackout entrance vestibule.

A Series | B Series | C Series | Connection demo

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  • B series shelter, B series
  • 6m X 5m X 3.2m deployed.
  • 130kgs weight including insulation liner, exclude groundsheet
  • 4 persons to deploy
  • Can connect all models to form large
    deployment area.
  • Using 1AT models, a blackout entrance vestibule can be created.
  • Can be made larger or smaller as per request.

  • blackout entrance vestibule, using 1AT models


  • Customise sizes available, kindly contact us for customise shelters.






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